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A boat for a theme park with highest quality requirements regarding the surface and stability

Vaccum formed bonnet for a new medicinal device. The bonnet is produced negatively by a top ram.

A large-sized CNC milled masking produced with hot air process



SICO Singe - your specalist in processing synthetic plastics of any kind.

We are specialised in processing plastics – thermoplastics, duroplastics, acrylic glass, plexiglas and more.

We are able to put your ideas and requirements into reality. We will offer you the best solution in qualitiy and precision.


Sico has the right plastics technique for your products

Plastic parts, that have to be processed by thermoforming, require highest precision and size accuracy.

To achieve the high requirements set by our employees, we are producing the required models and tools for thermoforming by ourself in our corporation. Through this, all needed characteristics can be included.

The manufacturing of different parts and the usage of various materials is no problem for us.

Sico tells you, which plastic is the right one for your problem.

The right choice of the specific thermoplast within the huge area of usage for plastic products is very important. In our corporation we are processing all established sorts of plastic.


Since 60 years we are processing plastics in a succesfull way and obtained a lot of business experience. Through this we are able to propose the right thermoplast for every product.